Premium Monofilament Fishing Line-Japanese Original Nylon Fishing Line-6LB / 9LB / 10LB / 12LB Monofilament Fishing Line… Price: $14.74 (as of 21/09/2021 09:02 PST- Details)

SUITABLE MEMORY –  Made With Parallel Raceway Technology To Provide Better Reel Capacity。 Can Effectively Reduce The Extrusion of a Mono  Fishing Line in The Reel。
EXCELLENT CLARITY AND COLOR – Don’t Worry, Clear Lines Will Be More Hidden Than Ever, Excellent Color Can Be Camouflaged In Different Environments, Which Will Significantly Increase Your Chances Of Fishing.
VERY HIGH WEAR RESISTANCE – After a Special Treatment Method, It Is Cleaned With Warm Water, Dried, Staged Heat Treatment, And Silicone Resin Coating Processing Technology Makes The Mono Fishing Line Of The Same Strength Softer And Less Curled

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