LBW Automatic Fishing Rod Holder, Rod Hold for Bank Fishing, Spring Fishing Pole Stand Holder, Adjustable Stainless… Price: $16.99$25.99 (as of 20/09/2021 08:31 PST- Details)

【2 Packs Fourth Generation Fishing Rod Holder】 LBW Automatic Fishing Rod Holder has been fully optimized in all aspects, such as high-sensitivity trigger mechanism design, Adjustable Spring Strength, protection and fixing of the Fishing Rod, groove design of the ground support and foldable design, etc., the extension length is 22 “, the width: 1.8”, easy to store and carry. Let you easily enjoy the good time of fishing
【Highly Sensitive Trigger Mechanism】The Fishing Rod Holder has a bouncing function. The Fish bite caused the fluctuation of the Fishing line to pull the trigger. The spring will contract and the Fishing Rod will automatically pop up to lock the fish.
【Adjustable Spring Strength]】High-strength Stainless Steel spring has two Adjustable gears, low-strength and high-strength, for Fishing different weights / species of Fish.Note: The trigger mechanism area is dangerous, please do not try to touch this area

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