Haggerty Lures Bucktail Big Game Changer Muskie Pike Fly 8″ Musky Fishing Lure Jointed

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Bill Haggerty’s Musky Fishing Lure inspired by Blane Chocklett’s Game Changer fly. Hand tied with bucktail, premium Whiting Farms barred grizzly feathers and enough flash to drive Muskie, Pike and other big game wild. Deer hair is unique in the water, combining strength and durability with plenty of action to entice predator fish. Whether you fish the Northern Tier, Canada or any number of lakes and rivers across the US this lure will perform beautifully.
Every Haggerty Lure is hand tied to order in the USA. Many are tied by US Veterans in our Vises for Vets project, signified by an American Flag sticker on our packaging. Well-thought out articulated flies are 8″ or longer on a sturdy Black Nickel 5/0 hook that can handle hard strikes and toothy critters. The joints allow the lure to move naturally in the water with increased action, mimics real fish movement.
Called by many names, the Muskellunge always puts up one heck of a fight, and catching one on a Fly will be the highlight of your fishiing experience. Great for Northern Pike, Pickerel, Freshwater Stripers. This Muskie Lure works well for Trolling or fishing from Shore or cast it on a Fly Rod.

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