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PTOTECT THE FISHING ROD: You need a butt cushion to protect your fishing rod. The fishing rod cushion is really helpful to protect your fishing rod in the muddy and rocky environment. These inexpensive covers protect the butt of your rod seat. Come in handy and are worth the small investment! Let’s start protect your fishing rod in daily time.
COMFORTABLE MATERIAL SILICONE: Made of high quality silicone material. It’s light weight with good flexibility, your can pull it and the fishing rod butt cushion won’t break easily. Then a light weight, affordable, easy on & off fishing rod butt cushion is necessary.
NON-SLIP ROD BUTT CUSHION: Protecting the butt of your rod seat from getting scratched up. Keeps the rod from getting dinged up, if you get it leaned up against a rock or something or up against your car.

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